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39 Gedanken zu „So sah Valorant früher aus … (Es war VERRÜCKT)“
  1. the Bermuda triangle is a large gas pocket and the gas is lighter than air and planes going over it when then the tectonics move the gas is released and the boats and planes are unlucky to get stuck on the Bermuda

  2. for the bermuda triangle it is belived that its "dangerous" because its a high traffic area for both planes and ships. If there is more traffic in an area, there is probably more crashes in that area

  3. 8:47 i kinda wanna say that vile has wrong there, because every agent has 1 voiceline for their ult on their team, and the enemies team. For exaple Kayo, He says; NO ONE WALKS AWAY, but on the enemies it is; YOU. AR. POWERLESS.

  4. I miss the beta so much man…
    I remember I got the drop basically immediately and went in playing like I was playing Call of Duty because I had no clue of what a tactical shooter worked since I never played CS either. Simpler times, when no one used unrated as dating apps and barely anyone dropped slurs every round.

  5. Bermuda triangle is BS, some old nanny story after a US aviator got on a plane drunk and then crashed, every day thousands of Cargo ships sail through the bermuda triangle, if any of them drowned we'd know

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